Alert: January 17th Veterinary Medical Board Meeting Cancelled! And News from OC Animal Care!

1️⃣ SCIL planned to present proposed legislation that would allow Registered Veterinary Technicians to perform male cat neuters under the direct supervision of a California veterinarian to the Veterinary Medical Board. The next meeting will now take place in April. We will be moving the legislation forward in the meantime and will let you know how to support us once the bill is introduced.
2️⃣ GOOD NEWS! OC Animal Care has listened to the concerns of the community, and permanently expanded its business hours while adding three hours of “walk-through time” a day. Click on the picture to read the OC Register article.


Laguna Beach Bans Roundup/Herbicide for Fire Mitigation!

There is cause to celebrate today! Last night, the Laguna Beach City Council voted unanimously to ban the use of Roundup (glyphosate) for fire mitigation. It punted for now on extending the ban to include habitat restoration in order to give Council staff more time to research the issue and make a recommendation.