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I am running for Laguna Beach City Council!

I am excited to announce that I am running for Laguna Beach City Council. I’ll still be here at SCIL, working day and night to build the broadest possible coalitions to pass laws that protect the planet and all the creatures we share it with.

Yes on AB 1999 (Irwin) Stop the Utility Tax

Help Stop the Utility Tax. YES on AB 1999!

Below is a letter that ran recently in local papers about a harmful “Utility Tax” that snuck through the legislature last year and that a group of lawmakers is now working to repeal. It’s something we should all care about, as climate-conscious individuals, and as utility ratepayers.

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Meet Judie Mancuso

Hi Judie, so happy you were able to devote some time to sharing your thoughts and wisdom with our community. So, we’ve always admired how you have seemingly never let nay-sayers or haters keep you down. Can you talk to us about how to persist despite the negative energy that so often is thrown at folks trying to do something special with their lives?