Happy Holidays and Thank You!

Happy Holidays from SCIL
Happy Holidays from SCIL

Dear Friends,

Many of you on our email list have been with us since our founding 15 years ago in 2007. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to you for supporting us all these years. And for those of you newer to us, welcome and thank you for caring about animals. We need you all!

It has been another tough year for many humans and our animal kingdom, mostly due to the pandemic and our code red climate emergency. But despite how overwhelming it all seems at times, SCIL refuses to give in or give up on making a difference.

2022 will be another year fighting for animals and the planet we share with them. We plan to continue our efforts to end our California state government from purchasing products derived from areas of tropical deforestation, getting plant-based meals served in schools, protecting mankind’s best friends, saving our wildlife, and permanently preventing oil spills from our beautiful coastline, and much more.

We thank you for making your kind and generous donations in 2021. If you have not yet donated, please help us protect and save the voiceless animals and our world in which we all depend by donating today.

We need your support for 2022 and beyond.

Thank you and Happy Holidays from all of us at SCIL!

Congratulations Alya!

Also, we want to send a tremendous shout-out to our dear friend and long time supporter, Alya Michelson for her latest release “Pleasure is Mine”. Alya ties Adele for most adds in a single week, and makes history as the first Russian born artist to hit the top 100 pop radio airplay charts! Please enjoy the music video below and here is a link to her official music website.

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