Judie Appears On Tucker Carlson Show and Need Calls For Two Bills That Are Up For Big Votes!

Judie Mancuso at Tucker Carlson
Judie Mancuso at Tucker Carlson

I was invited to appear on the Tucker Carlson Show this past Friday night to discuss our sponsored bill, AB 1881 (Santiago) Dog & Cat Bill of Rights. Because Tucker Carlson is a divisive personality, I want to give some context for my appearance on the show.

I was grateful to be able to speak to such a large audience (estimates online say his show draws over 3 million viewers) for the animals. That’s why I accepted. I never turn down an offer to educate and speak on their behalf.

I sent the fact sheet and copy of the bill prior to my appearance. The representative of the show led me to believe I would talk about the bill and why it is important. So I was taken aback when Tucker opened the segment talking about Dr. Fauci. While surprised by the topic, I dealt with it accordingly as you all can see in the video discussing our work on our cosmetic animal testing bill and animal testing in general.

Whether you are a fan or not of Tucker Carlson, I hope you all appreciate the need to speak to all Americans about the need to protect animals, which is why I chose to accept the invitation. If people do not like Tucker they have every right to say so, just as some would if it was a liberal media outlet. I’m just glad we can all agree to stand up for the animals.


AB 1881, the Dog and Cat Bill of Rights, will be eligible for a vote on the Full Assembly Floor this week!

Please make a call to your Assemblymember urging them to vote “YES” on the bill by close of business Wednesday.



AB 1648 (Maienschein), the Animal Evacuation Act

The bill is now in the Assembly Appropriations Committee!

The Chair and the Vice Chair need to hear from you. Please, call them both and respectfully ask them to “Support” AB 1648 by close of business Wednesday!

Chair Chris Holden: (916) 319-2041

Vice Chair Frank Bigelow: (916) 319-2005

We cannot thank you all enough for the action you take for the animals! Please consider making a donation to help us continue our work.

With gratitude,

Judie Mancuso, founder/CEO/president

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