Rally in honor of the 75th anniversary of Human Rights Day in Laguna Beach, Sponsored by Social Compassion

Human Rights Day Rally
Human Rights Day Rally


We are honored to announce that tomorrow, December 10th, Social Compassion, our 501(c)3, is the organizing nonprofit for the International Human Rights Day Rallyin Laguna Beach! We know where human rights violations occur, animals also suffer greatly. Over the last year, we have witnessed scenes from Ukraine where huge numbers of wildlife and companion animals have perished due to the devastating effects of war. Where governments oppress their citizens, when those citizens must fight for their own basic rights, those same citizens are not able to stand up and fight for the protection of animals and the environment, everyone suffers.

“As we gather to celebrate the 75th anniversary of International Human Rights Day, we are reminded that there is still so much work to do around the globe. As we speak, citizens in China, Iran, Ukraine, and elsewhere are rising up to protect their own human rights against oppressive regimes or outside aggressors. Indigenous leaders around the world continue to face death at the hands of corrupt governments in the fight to protect their land, home and lives,” said Judie Mancuso, Founder and President of Social Compassion, the nonprofit sponsor of the International Human Rights Day Rally. “We honor those that have given their lives for all human rights and stand in solidarity with those continuing the fight for equality, dignity for all, and peace on Earth.”

The Iranian American community of Orange County in collaboration with “Social Compassion”, a non-profit organization based in Laguna Beach, will hold a commemoration rally in honor of the 75th anniversary of Human Rights Day. Two grassroots local organizing groups of “OC Iranians United” and “Hambastegi Movement” have championed this effort in recognition of the struggle for preserving human rights across the globe.

Location: Main Beach, Laguna Beach (329 S. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651)

Date: Saturday, December 10th, 2022

Time: 11am – 1 PM

This event features esteemed speakers and live music performances by local artists: The speakers in order of Appearance are: Judie Mancuso (Founder of Social Compassion/CA Assembly Candidate), Bob Whalen (Mayor Pro Tem, Laguna Beach), Alex Rounaghi (newly elected city council member of Laguna Beach and first Iranian American elected to the council), Dom Jones (Social Advocate, Health & Wellness Professional and Motivational Speaker), Elahe Amani (Peace and Women Rights Activist and President of Women Intercultural Network), Dr. Soraya Fallah (Author, Researcher, Kurdish Human Rights Activists), Najiba Ayubi (Afghan Journalist and Human Rights Activist), Professor Jane Stevoer (UCI :School of Law, Director of Domestic Violence Law Clinic), Sadaf Rahmani (Public Affairs Director at Planned Parenthood OC and San Bernardino), Bibi Kasrai (Author and founder of Harvard Cookin’ girl), Dr. Wen Chen (Scientist, Member of Amnesty International, Expert in Human Rights Movement in China ), Chelsea Hart (International Comedian and Performer from Alaska), Sara Seyed (International Human Rights Lawyer, Actor and Modern Activist).

Performances by: Gilgamesh Art & Cultural Foundation, Caseden Simonson, Dariush Morid (Entrepreneur and Artist)

On the 75th anniversary of International Human Rights Day, it’s worth noting that the world’s first charter of human rights was recorded in the 6th century B.C. under the leadership of Cyrus the Great. As the first king of ancient Persia, Cyrus banished slavery, established racial equality, restored temples and instituted religious tolerance in areas where there formerly was none. Recognized as the first charter of human rights, the ancient Cyrus Cylinder is housed within the British Museum, and its decrees are even cited in the Old Testament. Tragically, modern-day Iran doesn’t reflect the ideals of its foundational roots as the Islamic Republic has systematically dismantled human rights in Iran for the last 43 years. Forging a new history in the first woman-led revolution, Iranians have united against an oppressive theocratic regime. They are asking us to stand with them and to amplify their voice.

The most notable fight for freedom is happening in Iran right now after the death of Mahsa Zhina Amini, a 22 years old girl who was murdered by the so-called morality police in Iran. The nationwide demonstrations demanded justice for Mahsa, but soon, it turned into a worldwide movement to fight against systematic human rights violations, including the rights of women, children, and minorities, under the slogan “Women, Life, Freedom.” The courage displayed by the Iranian girls and women was recognized by Time magazine by recognition of “Heroes of the Year” on December 7th.

The Islamic republic policies have oppressed the society since its establishment in 1979. There have been many other uprisings to restore freedom and human rights in the last 43 years. Still, this time, Iranians across the globe have united under the Women, Life, Freedom movement and clearly demand the abolishment of the Islamic Republic regime, and subsequently ask for United Nations’ assistance in holding a free and fair referendum in order to chart their own future.

So far, during the past 3 months, the regime has responded with a deadly crackdown and killed hundreds of people all over Iran and more than 18,000 have been arrested, tortured, some raped, or subjected to indoctrination programs. At least 60 of those killed were underaged children; some got shot and murdered in the face or from behind. 227 members of the member Iranian congress have asked for the death penalty without a trial, among those on the death row are countless children under age of 18. The United Nations General Assembly held a special session on the Iran regime’s atrocities on November 24th and resolution to establish a special convoy to investigate and hold Islamic Republic accountable for the silent genocide happening in Iran. There is widespread supporting proof of these statements in the published news.

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