AB 534 to Protect Endangered Sea Life
AB 702 - The Pet Breeder Humane Care Act
AB 534 to Protect Endangered Sea Life

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support! We need it all, and then some.

The opposition to our “breeder” and “whale” bills are super noisy and organized. This is why it is imperative that your voices are heard, and that legislators know that the vast majority of Californians want to protect animals.

Take action by making two quick calls!

Please call the Assembly Business & Professions Committee for the voiceless puppies and kittens and express your support of AB 702 (Santiago) Pet Breeder Humane Care Act,
(916) 319-3301.

Our hearing is scheduled for April 13th. Please tell them that you support breeder permits which will set a minimum standard for the humane treatment of dogs and cats!

The AKC and hunting groups are staunchly opposed to AB 702; they do not want any regulations on dog breeding-period. They have submitted many letters in opposition and have been calling the committee for weeks. They feel it is overreaching to set any bar on how dogs and cats should be kept and bred.

Please take a moment for the whales, sea turtles, and countless other sea mammals that drown in crabbing gear. Please call the Assembly Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee: (916) 319-2096.

Our hearing is scheduled for April 8th and tell them it’s time to end whale entanglements by supporting AB 534 (Bonta) Whale Entanglement Prevention Act!

The crabbers are super crabby over this bill. They are happy with using their same old equipment from the 18th century to trap crabs, even if it means entangling whales and sea turtles. They just don’t want to change, which is why we need to mandate that they use modern “ropeless” gear, which will not entangle these endangered majestic sea creatures.

If you have not visited our site to send your support letter, please do it today!

Click here to go to our “How to Help” page.
Links to read the bills, fact sheets are all there too.

● Just click on the bills you want to support
● Fill in your information
● Click “support”

We then produce your letter and ensure they are received by the correct legislators and committees.


Please send your letter which must be on letterhead and signed to: or email him if you have any questions.

Other SCIL bills that need your support and hearing dates listed below:

SB 376 (Stern) Wildlife Trafficking Bill – Senate Natural Resources & Water hearing on April 13th

AB 564 (Gonzalez) The Biodiversity Protection & Restoration Act – Assembly Accountability & Administrative Review hearing on April 14th

AB 1289 (Kalra) The Smart Climate Agriculture Program – Assembly Agriculture hearing on April 15th at 10:30am

AB 558 (Nazarian) California School Plant Based Food and Beverage Program – Assembly Health hearing either April 7th or April 28th

AB 416 (Kalra) Deforestation-Free Procurement Act – Assembly Accountability & Administrative Review hearing on April 28th

AB 1282 (Bloom/Wilk) Pet Blood Bank Modernization Act – Assembly Agriculture hearing on April 29th

Please, spread the word on our lifesaving bills and get others to visit our website and send their support too. And please, consider making a donation to support our vital work.

With gratitude,
Judie and the SCIL team!

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