Video of last Candidate Forum and final one you can join via Zoom tomorrow!


Just in case you missed it:

Just in case you missed it, we have video of the Assembly District #72 Candidate Forum that was held in Newport Beach on September 22nd! Please watch Judie Mancuso talk about the issues!

Also, the last candidate forum is tomorrow, please attend via Zoom or in person. See further below for details.

Dear friends,


Only a small portion of state races across the country are considered truly competitive, and ours is one of them.


Last week, Daily Kos released a list of the 400 races (out of 7,400 state legislative seats) that are close enough to go either way. On that list is Assembly District 72, with a rating of R+03, well within the margin of error!


Our campaign has amazing support and strong momentum. But we need to raise more funds to get our message out about the stark differences between me and my opponent and what’s at stake in this election.


My opponent is funded by oil and gas companies and other special interests. She opposes reproductive freedom and any government action to protect our environment. Her goal is to join other far-right extremist in Sacramento who whine about everything and accomplish nothing.


We are in the final stretch, any amount you can chip in will help us get the word out. Thank you! Donate Now


With Gratitude!


Join us in person or on Zoom

for the next candidate forum Tomorrow, October 12th!

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