Ensure Non-animal Entertainment Replaces Pony Rides

Public Comment Needed to Thank Commissioners and Ensure Non-animal Entertainment Replaces Pony Rides

This Thursday at 11:00 am PST, please call-in to the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks meeting that is specifically designated for discussion on the Griffith Park Pony Rides.

Please thank Commissioners Jimmy Kim, Matthew Rudnick and the Commissioners for not renewing the Griffith Park and Pony Ride contract, and ensure that the park is changed to a non-animal model that is fun and safe for kids.

Human Rights Day Rally

Rally in honor of the 75th anniversary of Human Rights Day in Laguna Beach, Sponsored by Social Compassion

We are honored to announce that tomorrow, December 10th, Social Compassion, our 501(c)3, is the organizing nonprofit for the International Human Rights Day Rally in Laguna Beach! We know where human rights violations occur, animals also suffer greatly. Over the last year, we have witnessed scenes from Ukraine where huge numbers of wildlife and companion animals have perished due to the devastating effects of war. Where governments oppress their citizens, when those citizens must fight for their own basic rights, those same citizens are not able to stand up and fight for the protection of animals and the environment, everyone suffers.

Stop the cruelty! Updates on Griffith Park Ponies, Big Cats, & Rodeos!

Updates on Griffith Park Ponies, Big Cats, & Rodeos!

Abusive pony rides in Griffith Park finally ending! Big cat public safety act passes both houses; now on its way to President Biden for his signature! & L.A. Ordinance to curb rodeos passes committee vote; heads to full city council in January!