Need You for Animal Abuse Case, Marine Protected Areas, & Exotic Birds!

Our input to the Commission is the following:
1.) Keep or expand marine protected areas where NO fishing, “take,” or “harvesting” is allowed.
2.) Elevate the perspective that many Californians hold, which is that we need to moving away from “taking” or “harvesting” and towards the view that killing should not be an ingredient in conserving marine life.

AB 829, The Animal Cruelty & Violence Intervention Act

AB 829, The Animal Cruelty & Violence Intervention Act, Introduced by Assemblymember Marie Waldron and Sponsored by Social Compassion in Legislation

March 17, 2023, Sacramento, CA – Today, Assembly Bill 829, the Animal Cruelty & Violence Intervention Act, was introduced by Assemblywoman Marie Waldron (R-Valley Center). The bill, sponsored by Social Compassion in Legislation, will expand currently required counseling for violations of Penal Code 597 to additional sections pertaining to animal abuse, such as those involving malicious violence, willful poisoning, or bestiality.