AB 3159 (Thurmond) – Animal Slaughter: Poultry

AB 3159 (Thurmond) - Animal Slaughter: Poultry

AB 3159 will require that poultry shackled prior to slaughter are rendered unconscious to ensure that they do not experience unnecessary pain. Alternative methods exist that allow for stunning or killing of poultry before they are shackled with greater accuracy than electrified water-bath stunning methods.

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KTLA5: Octopus farming ban introduced in California State Assembly

by: Will Conybeare | California State Assemblymember Steve Bennett (D-38)...

AB 3162 (Bennett), the OCTO Act

AB 3162, the OCTO Act, Introduced to Ban Octopus Farming!

Bill will ensure that octopus farms, and the risks inherent...

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