Good News, but Concerns Remain Around Animal Testing.





We are thrilled to announce that the FDA Modernization Act was signed into law by President Biden just before Christmas. This is a big step forward in the effort to end animal testing for new drugs by encouraging the use of non-animal test methods. Specifically, the new law eliminates a federal mandate for animal testing for new drugs approved by the FDA that had been in place since 1938.

Social Compassion in Legislation is happy to have supported the efforts to get this bill across the finish line.

A huge thanks to Dr. Gary Michelson and the Michelson Center for Public Policy and the many other organizations that advocated for this legislation.

“We applaud so many lawmakers for taking action to move drug development into the 21st Century and to allow for innovation that will bring much needed cures to Americans,” said Gary Michelson, M.D., founder and co-chair of the Michelson Center for Public Policy.

You can read more about the bills passage HERE.

Additionally, you can read Dr. Michelson’s opinion piece in support of the legislation HERE.

“We’ve come a long way with the passage of the FDA Modernization Act. We are grateful to all the members who voted in favor of this landmark change and to President Biden for signing it into law,” said Judie Mancuso, founder and president of Social Compassion in Legislation. “However, within the same legislative package that passed, there is policy that can potentially prevent other states from replicating our historic “California Cruelty-free Cosmetics Act of 2018. We will continue our work with the Michelson Center for Public Policy and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and others to ensure that any new FDA regulations will keep the door open for other states to follow.”

We cannot thank you all enough for the action you take for the animals! Please consider making a donation to help us continue our work.


With gratitude,

Judie Mancuso, founder/CEO/president
Social Compassion in Legislation

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