Podcast – Passing Laws to Save Animals!


Episode Description
Meet the woman who’s changing the world for millions of animals by passing laws to stop animal abuse. Judie Mancuso is the Founder/President of Social Compassion in Legislation, which has sponsored over 60 bills with 25 landmark pieces of legislation for animals signed into law. Her organization has helped to eliminate the sale of animal-tested cosmetics, crack down on puppy mills, allowed dogs access to restaurant patios, made it illegal to leave dogs unattended in hot cars and so much more. But, Judie needs YOUR HELP. She cannot do it alone. Calls, emails and support letters are crucial to her life-saving bills becoming law. So, YOU can join the team by watching this interview, with Judie and SCIL’s Director of Legislative Affairs, Nick Sackett, learning about the bills she’s fighting for right now and, then, visiting https://socialcompassioninlegislation.org/ to sign up and get involved.