Register for the first ever Los Angeles Mayoral Animal Protection Forum

mayoral candidates
mayoral candidates

Register here for the Los Angeles Mayoral Forum on Animal Welfare on April 5th at 6 PM

The Los Angeles Democrats for the Protection of Animals, in partnership with Michelson Found Animals, the Michelson Center for Public Policy, Social Compassion in Legislation, and the Greater Los Angeles Spay & Neuter Collaborative, is hosting the first ever forum on animal welfare, where Los Angeles Mayoral candidates will answer questions from our superstar moderator, Mark Thompson, regarding animal protection in LA. Please register to be a part of the audience as animal issues take center stage in the mayoral race!


AB 1979 to Encourage Sustainable Government Purchasing
AB 953 the Save Our Coastline Act
AB 1881
AB 1781 Rubio
AB 558 (Nazarian), the Child Nutrition Act of 2022 Passes the Full Assembly 47-7!

As you may have seen from our previous emails, Social Compassion in Legislation is sponsoring bills to help dogs and cats, protect our coastline, marine and wildlife, and drive sustainability in our state. Please click on the graphics above to read the bills.

NOW is the time for you to engage and have your voices heard! Our hearings will be coming up soon, and we must start gathering support letters ASAP!

To send your support letter for all of our sponsored bills. It’s easy – following the steps below.

Please click on our ‘How-to-Help’ page, then:

Choose the button on whether you are sending as an Individual, Group, or Both.
Then, click on the bills you want to support, or click the box “All Bills Option” to support them all. The bills you click to support will have a red box around them. Then click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.
Fill in your information
Click “Send Support” !

We then produce your letter(s) and ensure they are received by the correct legislators and committees.

***Remember, if you are an organization, you must follow the instructions to register for an organization. The committees have requirements we must fulfill in order to get your support registered in the committee analysis, which is very important.

Alternatively, organizations can send their letter which must be on letterhead and signed as a pdf to

Please spread the word and get others to send support for the bills, and encourage them to sign up for our newsletter on our website. And please, consider making a donation to support our lifesaving work.

Thank you so much,
Judie Mancuso, founder/CEO/president
Social Compassion in Legislation

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